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The Roots of OHH! Gives

Definitively, Ohh! Gives provides high-end eyelash extensions and eyebrow microblading to anyone experiencing hair loss because of cancer treatments or other medical conditions, and areola restoration as a part of breast reconstruction.

Literally, the services change lives. Or perhaps more accurately, they give lives back.

You might wonder how eyelashes, eyebrows, and areolas can possibly restore someone’s life. But hundreds of thousands of people don’t wonder. They can only wish for a miracle every time they look in the mirror and see someone they don’t recognize — someone who looks unnatural and incomplete. These people know all too well that the details in our created bodies are what make us beautiful — and they desperately want to have those details back. Unfortunately, in the medical community, these details are not prioritized, which is why it’s almost impossible to find real answers for what has been lost.

Tamara Lake-Mair is using her passion, her drive, and her highly acclaimed expertise as the founder of Ohh! Lashes to do something about it. She’s traveling the world to find the perfect methods to restore eyelashes, eyebrows, and areolas for those who think they’ve been lost forever.

To reach as many people as possible, the Ohh! Gives team knows it’s imperative to do the following:

• Raise awareness about the need for lashes, brows, and areolas.
• Train more technicians in the little-known craft (shortcuts are unacceptable).
• Increase access to those technicians.
• Ensure the process is affordable.

This has become a life-changing pursuit for Tamara because of the vivid pictures she’ll always carry in her mind.

The Heart of OHH! Gives

Like many kids growing up in Jamaica, Tamara Lake-Mair dreamed of going to college in the U.S. Specifically, she wanted to attend fashion school in Miami. The expense was too much for her family so Tamara worked 50-plus hours a week at odd jobs to pay for tuition, housing, and food at the prestigious International Fine Arts College. 

There, she faced yet another challenge that motivates her to this day: a lack of opportunities for students in her own financial situation. The best work-study positions and the quickest career paths consistently went to students who already had the money, the connections, and the means. 

Without help or introductions, Tamara went to Saks Fifth Avenue in person and offered to work an internship for the experience — there would be more value in the learning than in a stipend. The executives saw her drive, creative thinking, and an “others first” approach to life. Tamara took what she learned to friends and family, to New York City, and to the Caribbean. She completed an aesthetic course and eyelash extension classes, and did some work at MAC Cosmetics. In 2012, she started her own eyelash studio: Ohh! Lashes. Tamara explains,

“I added an extra ‘h’ and the exclamation to Ohh! Lashes because there’s nothing average about our work. Our goal is to always provide the best.” 

While working with high-end clients, however, Tamara has never forgotten what it’s like to be overlooked. She and her Ohh! Gives team firmly believe people in the most need of elite eyebrow and eyelash services and areola restoration should receive whatever is necessary to be whole again.

Our Unique Approach (No Shortcuts)

To provide the best eyelashes and eyebrows for people who have none, we first go to the best. The best technicians aren’t easy to find either. Tamara spent weeks in England learning from the only person known to restore lashes on patients coming out of chemotherapy. She will travel to Brazil to learn the precise art of crafting realistic areolas, without any incisions or painful procedures.

As she says: “I want to do it properly and painlessly, for as many people as possible.” The Ohh! Gives team believes no one in need should have to spend his or her life savings or travel long distances in hopes of looking beautiful again — especially patients who are already struggling with energy and financial stress. So, we’ll do the traveling to continually perfect our processes, to train other technicians, and to spread optimism.

To start the eyelash and eyebrow restoration on a patient with no hair, our technicians will sometimes give up their own hair. That’s right — we’ll remove our hair to fill gaps in a person’s lash-line or brow-line. Then we delicately lengthen and fill with extensions.

First-time clients usually have complete eyelashes after two hours. Eyebrows take three hours. The difference that can be made in such a short amount of time is indescribable, and the reaction when a person looks in the mirror says it all.

We’ve seen the transformation with a few patients. Now it’s time to begin transforming thousands more.

The Start of a Movement

Think about it: How many people are even aware of the needs mentioned on this pages? We weren’t aware until a few years ago either. What we typically see in our medical culture are highly skilled specialists at every step for cancer patients, all the way through therapy and reconstructive procedures. But now we know that an important group of experts is missing from the journey to completeness: talented cosmetologists.

With a network of proficient eyelash and eyebrow technicians, and with trained tattoo artists, we can give patients what they thought they’d lost forever: Beauty and dignity. With no surgery and no pain.

It starts with training. Tamara learned the best processes from the world’s best specialists. She teaches these techniques to her Ohh! Lashes team and to other cosmetologists and artists. For us, this isn’t about building the business. It’s about healing for whoever needs it, wherever they might live. Our desire is to make these processes available throughout the Southeast, up the Atlantic coast, to the Midwest, Southwest, Plains, Mountains and Pacific coast.

We envision the broad cosmetology community coming together for this purpose.

We envision oncologists and dermatologists and reconstructive surgeons and counselors being aware of the importance of our services, and inviting us into their community, too, with referrals and basic knowledge of what we do.

We envision patients finding technicians and artists not by accident, but intentionally, easily.

Where there is now hopelessness, we envision optimism, joy, and the return of thriving lives. To do that, we all need to spread the word.

Spreading the Word

We’re building out three pillars to bring awareness to Ohh! Gives and our mission.


  • A resource for cosmetology businesses to learn more about this specialized type of eyelash and eyebrow training, and for the opportunity to become a sponsor.

  • Real-life stories from cancer survivors and people whose lives have been changed (for good) because of our detailed processes with lashes, brows, and areolas.

Social Media

Connections are the keys to our goals.

  • We’ll expand our reach through @OhhGives, which provides additional platforms for client
    stories, awareness, and cross-promotional campaigns with potential partners.

  • We’ll also host live conversations with people who have struggled with the loss of eyebrows
    and eyelashes and with the feeling of being incomplete after a mastectomy.


  • We’ll sell merchandise to raise additional awareness and funding.

  • 100% of net proceeds will go towards Ohh Gives! Foundation and our partners so we can provide services to clients who cannot afford them. It helps us make good on our resolve to give the very best finishing touches to everyone, regardless of socio-economic background.

Get Involved

To help people wherever they live, we need our Ohh! Gives team to grow exponentially. We’re providing the foundation, literally and figuratively. This is how anyone can help us build upon it:

  • Provide funding to help with training, infrastructure, and reach.
  • Buy and gift Ohh! Gives pins.
  • Sponsor or collaborate with us on events.
  • Sponsor or collaborate on blog content.
  • Share our posts on social media to grow reach and awareness.
  • Share your own story and tag #Ohhgives.
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