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What is
Brow treatment?

A brow treatment at Ohh Lashes goes beyond a simple grooming session; it's a comprehensive approach to achieving your ideal eyebrow shape and look. Our treatments are tailored to enhance, shape, and define your brows, leaving them looking fuller, more symmetrical, and perfectly suited to your facial structure. Utilizing the latest techniques and high-quality products, our expert aestheticians work to highlight your natural beauty through meticulous care
and precision.

Our Brow Treatment Services
At Ohh Lashes, we offer a variety of brow treatments designed to cater to your unique needs and beauty goals. From brow tinting that adds color and definition, to brow lamination which offers a fuller, more defined look by realigning your brow hairs, our services are designed to transform your brows into a masterpiece. Each treatment begins with a personalized consultation to determine the best approach for your brows, ensuring results that not only look stunning but also feel authentically you. Visit us to discover how our brow treatments can elevate your look and boost your confidence.

Miami Eyebrow Services Pricing

Brow Lamination
Brow Tint
Henna Brow Tint
Henna Brow Tint and Shaping
Eyebrow Wax
Eyebrow and Lip Wax
Eyebrow Threading
Not available
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Types of Eyebrow Services We Offer in Our Miami Salons

Brow Lamination

The newest brow service on the market, gives a fuller brow look by gently lifting the brows upward with a semi-permanent, keratin based solution. This service includes brow mapping, shaping, tinting and more. The style can be customized to fit your needs. Must have some brow hair to qualify for this service.

Starting at $135.00
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Brow Tint

Brow tinting uses BRONSUN tint. The finest European hybrid tint system to add color to the brow hair. Shades are fully customized by your tech and lasts 1-4 weeks depending on your skincare routine!

Starting at $30.00
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Henna Brow Tint

Henna brow tint differs from our normal brow tint. Using the most gentle Henna, the brow hair and skin behind is lightly colored. Lasts up to 4 weeks! Define your brows while maintaining a natural style.

Starting at $35.00
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Guidelines Prior to Your Session

To ensure the best possible results from your brow treatment at Ohh Lashes, a little preparation goes a long way.
We recommend that clients avoid using retinol-based products or undergoing any form of facial exfoliation at least 48 hours prior to their appointment to minimize skin sensitivity. Keeping your rows untouched and allowing them to grow out for at least two weeks before your session can also enhance the effectiveness of the treatment, providing a fuller canvas for shaping and styling. Additionally, we encourage clients to arrive at their session with a clear idea of their desired outcome, whether it be a natural enhancement or a more defined brow look. Sharing inspirations or concerns with your aesthetician can help tailor the session to meet your exact needs. By following these simple guidelines, you re setting the stage for a brow transformation thats both beautiful and uniquely tailored to you.

Aftercare Recommendations

Personalized Postcare
Postcare will be tailored to each individual, considering your skin type, medical conditions, and lifestyle.
Important Reminders
Don t rub or scratch the treated area. Let any scabbing or dry skin naturally fall off.

Avoid intense exercise, saltwater, chlorine, and direct sunlight for at least 10 days.

No harsh cleansers or exfoliants for 4 weeks. Use a hat or stay in the shade outdoors
Healing Phase
Expect various stages from darker brows to patchy appearance. True results will be visible between 3-6 weeks.
Long-Term Care
Use sunscreen on your brows.

Inform your technician of your permanent cosmetics for future treatments.

Avoid Retin A/Retinol/Tretinoin on the forehead area.
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Why Choose Ohh Lashes
For Eyebrow Services
In Miami, FL

At Ohh Lashes, we pride ourselves on standing out as the premier destination for eyebrow services in Miami, FL. Our commitment to excellence begins with our team of skilled aestheticians, each expertly trained in the latest brow treatment techniques to ensure you receive the highest quality of care and results that exceed your expectations.

We understand that eyebrows are not one size-fits all; thats why we offer personalized consultations to create a custom treatment plan tailored to your unique facial structure, skin type, and beauty goals. Our salon is equipped with state of the art tools and we use only the finest, dermatologically tested products to guarantee your comfort and safety.
At Ohh Lashes, your satisfaction is our top priority, and we strive to provide an unparalleled service experience that leaves you feeling confident and radiant. Choose us for your eyebrow needs and discover why our clients consider us the best in Miami.

Frequently Asked Questions at Ohh! Lashes

What types of eyebrow services do you offer?

We offer a comprehensive range of eyebrow services including shaping, tinting, microblading, threading, and waxing. Our services are designed to enhance your natural brow line and complement your facial features.

How long does an eyebrow service session typically take?

A session can range from 15 minutes for a simple threading or waxing to about 2 hours for more intricate services like microblading, depending on the complexity and precision required.

Can I see examples of your previous eyebrow work?

Absolutely! We showcase our work on our website and social media platforms. Feel free to browse our gallery to see the transformations we've crafted.

What is the cost of the eyebrow service, and are there any additional fees?

The cost varies based on the type of service you select. Our pricing is transparent, with no hidden fees. For detailed pricing, please visit our service menu or contact us directly.

Do you offer consultations to discuss the best eyebrow shape for my face?

Yes, we offer personalized consultations to discuss the best eyebrow shape for your face. Our experts will help you choose a style that enhances your natural features.

How often do clients typically need touch-up sessions for eyebrow services?

Touch-up frequency varies; however, most clients return every 3-6 weeks for maintenance. For semi-permanent services like microblading, touch-ups are usually needed every 12-18 months.

What products do you use for eyebrow services, and are they safe for sensitive skin?

We use high-quality, hypoallergenic products suitable for sensitive skin. All our products are carefully selected for their safety and effectiveness.

Is there any specific pre-care or aftercare I should follow for eyebrow services?

Yes, we provide detailed pre-care and aftercare instructions to ensure the best results and care for your brows. Avoiding makeup and excessive moisture is commonly advised post-service.

Can you customize the eyebrow shape based on my preferences?

Absolutely! We work closely with you to create a custom brow shape that meets your preferences and enhances your natural beauty.

Do you provide numbing options for discomfort during the eyebrow service?

For services that may cause discomfort, such as microblading, we offer numbing options to ensure a more comfortable experience for our clients.

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