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Learn from the most desired on Miami’s chic shores where beauty is celebrated. Lash Nation Inc, uses only the finest lash materials and USA-made, chemical-free, medical-grade glues. The result is a dramatic emphasis of each client’s own natural beauty, an explosive boost of confidence and a giant smile while heading out the door. At Lash Nation Inc, we train in both English and now Spanish.

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Our Six Point Training Package includes everything you need to start a lucrative lash extension career.

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1. Hands On Trainer

Classes conducted on-site, plus online lessons. Learn to Lash in-person and complete your training with the online classes from anywhere!

2. Career Starter Kit

Over $600 of Professional products and supplies included.

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3. Model application

Perform your training on-site, with a live model to work on.

hands on trainer

4. Business Marketing

A practical business marÄeting plan and strategies guide to get your business going.

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5. Lifetime Discounts

Students enjoy lifetime discounts on all of our products!

6. Lifetime Support

Students enjoy lifetime support on our training programs.

Los entrenamientos grupales se llevan a cabo mensualmente y privados. Las sesiones (individuales) se pueden programar en cualquier momento. Nuestras sesiones de entrenamiento clásico y/o de volumen son de 1 o 2 días, e incluye instructor presencial en clase formación más un día de formación virtual en casa, ver paquete de entrenamiento.

Clases disponibles en español.

Curso disponible en francés.

El financiamiento está disponible por hasta 36 meses.

Group Classes

3 Days

24 hours: $2,799 (2,499)
(16 hours on-site + 8 hours online)

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Private Classes

3 Days

24 hours: $3,499
(16 hours on-site + 8 hours online)

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Get Qualified With...

Introduction to and history of eyelash extensions.

Anatomy, structure of the eye and eye infections.

Hands on training of application of lashes.


Client Consultation (eye shapes, personality).


Using tape effectively.

Refill options and the frequency.

How to remove lashes.

Insurance, Waivers and Release forms.

Where to purchase products.

Client relationship management software.

Using Mobile apps for Booking appointments.

Using tape effectively.

How to effectively market your lash extension business.

Drying (Nano mister).


How to take care of your lash extensions.

Social Media.

Video Marketing.

Free Business plan template.

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